Lee Bailey’s Electronic Urban Report

There are so many things to think about when you’re becoming of age. What are you going to wear to your prom or what type of celebration will you have for your Sweet 16 birthday. Why not put theses events together! Djanai’s Angels did just that, they hosted a one of its kind “Special Needs Family Prom” and “Sweet 16″ for Djanai.

Djanai’s Angels was founded by Linda B. Hall, wife to actor Pooch Hall and Mother of a developmentally delayed 16 year-old girl with Cerebral Palsy named Djanai, a typically abled 7 year old-girl Djaeda and a typical 5 year-old boy, Djordan. The organization that exposes typically able kids to those who have disabilities and teach them to plat with one another, build bonds, teach compassion, and create a stronger more tolerant community.

I’ve been to a lot of parties, but this one takes the cake! The event started out with celebrities appeared with their families as they walked the red carpet. The party took place at the La Foyer Ballroom in Los Angeles, CA. The Willy Wonka themed soirée was an accessible and inclusionary event for families with special needs and all children of all ages. No party is complete without music. DJ Kripple King, who is special needs, mixed the beats from his wheelchair. There was a performance by the Walk & Roll Dancers, a Prom Phot Booth, a wonderful buffet lunch, and to top things off was the Candy Cocktail Hour.

This party was truly one of its kind! Great people mixed with a lot of fun. Proceeds went to Djanai’s Angels in hopes of raising money to open inClusion ClubHouse; a not-for- profit center that will provide a safe, accessible inclusionary environment that truly is a one stop shop for families with special needs.