Details On The Construction Of Our
New Clubhouse



Phase 1

To raise $500,000 to open inClusion ClubHouse.  This will cover our first year of operating expenses, rent, renovations, equipement, supplies, and key staff.

Phase 2

Find perfect location and begin renovations to create a completely accessible and safe place for our families to enjoy.

Phase 3

Purchase Equipment and Furniture and remodel the space. Design a state of the art Snoezelen, Action Room, Music/Dance/Theater Room, Creation Room, Family Resource Lounge & Kitchen.

Phase 4


Square Feet of Space
Children We Can Serve
In Donations Needed

The Five Key Clubhouse Spaces

MSE(Multi-Sensory Experience) Room

This is not just an extravagant room with exclusive equipment, a multi-sensory environment is a specific space designed to allow the user to control all aspects of sensation in the area. The MSE provides a form of communication that focuses on the natural process of multi-sensory stimulation. This is a sensory experience that most kids do not have access to but that can make a huge impact on their lives.

The Action Room

Will feature an Indoor Adaptive Jungle Gym & Wall. It’s the ideal climbing wall for adapted or inclusive physical education, occupational therapy and physical therapy and provides opportunities to develop balance, body awareness, muscle strength, motor planning and more. Climbing also provides proprioceptive input to improve sensory integration.  This will be a gymnasium style room where we will hold adaptive PE and sports and various physical activities the children would need to continue making process with their physical therapy.

Creation Station – Arts & Crafts

This room is a space where the kids get to be as creative as they like through adaptable arts & crafts. Large building blocks and Legos to create worlds and whatever else they can think of. Sensory type arts and crafts working with different textures. Here you work on fine motor skills.

Family Resource Center

A quiet, peaceful place for parents to relax or network with fellow parents while their children participate in programs.  A place where parents could get up to date information on diagnosis and resources available to them as well as a space to hold support groups and meet up with other parents.

Music/Dance/ Theater

This room will be filled with a myriad of musical instruments, the room offers individuals a chance to pretend, play and perform using one of their most loved medium: music.  The perfect place for the children to let loose, have fun and explore their talents and put on performances for family and friends.

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There Are So Many Ways You Can Help!

Our goal is to raise a year’s worth of expenses so that we can open and focus on outreach, services and programs to make sure that we are providing our families with everything they need and not on how we will pay the rent.

Please consider joining us, no donation is too small.