Our Story

Hi guys! My name is Linda B. Hall. I am the mother of a developmentally delayed 19 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy. Her name is Djanai. I also have a 10 year old daughter named Djaeda, and two boys who are 9, Djordan, and 1 years old, Djulian.

It has truly been a challenge for my husband and I to find activities in which the whole family could participate in together. So I decided to create a place where we could experience activities for everyone. A place that is totally accessible and fun for my teenager who’s in a wheelchair, but still entertaining for the younger kids as well. A place where we could expose typically able kids to those who have disabilities and teach them to play with one another. Developing bonds and bridges, teaching compassion and patience. Hence creating a stronger and more tolerant community.

As a parent when you have heard worse case scenarios concerning your differently labeled child, it sometimes leave you feeling hopeless. You desire to see that precious soul have some form of normalcy. Especially when you know that they are filled with life, feelings, and emotions just like everyone else. And that’s why I decided to start InClusion ClubHouse. Because my love superseded the barriers! And I wanted more for my child. Djanai has surpassed so many negative reports, and we have strived and will continue to strive to make her and many more of those Special Needs souls feel worthy, loved, and included.

There are some tiresome days, and sleepless nights. But it is truly all worth it when we see her and many others smile.

Our Purpose

The purpose of inClusion Clubhouse is to create opportunities for parents to connect with other parents and have an impact on the lives of their children in the community. Siblings are provided a place to connect with other siblings who may be going through similar situations. This is a place where there is something for everyone.

 In addition to assisting individuals with special needs, the ClubHouse enriches its vast network of volunteers by enabling them to reap the REWARDS of selfless giving. We raise awareness in the community and among peers, through Angel Awareness projects and by pairing teen volunteers with an individual with special needs. Together, they will form a lasting friendship while participating in different programs through out the year. Our goal is to give students the tools necessary to stand up against negative behaviors among their peers. This will also build bridges amongst the abled and disabled, teaching compassion, patience and tolerance for a world where everyone is accepted for who they are not what they can or can’t do.

About Our Founder

Throughout her 18 years of raising a daughter with Cerebral Palsy, Linda has had many careers and gained valuable experience in many different aspects of life.

As a Counselor in College settings, she learned a lot about the goals and aspirations of our young adults. As a Personal Trainer, she gained lots of physical hands on experience helping clients attain their health, fitness and rehabilitation goals. As a Realtor, she learned about the housing market and how to help families achieve their dreams of home ownership. As a Stay at Home Mom, she realized the importance of parent involvement and the need to Advocate for our children.  As Founder & CEO of Djanai’s Angels & inClusion ClubHouse, she started Angel Awareness Projects for community outreach to teach children how to interact with those with special needs.

She hopes to continue to connect families with special needs and create a support system where we can help each other succeed in society and give our children with special needs every opportunity to live their best life.

Meet Our Team

Lala Toney
Lala ToneyPresident
Lala Toney is the CEO of TCG (Productions of Tanalit Media). She possesses a Bachelors degree in Business with a minor in Business Law and Marketing. She is certified in youth/adult counseling, pregnancy crisis intervention, suicide prevention and is currently studying law. Lala comes from a family of pastors, writers, producers, actors, and musicians. She is no stranger to the entertainment and church industries. As an active author, radio host, and songwriter, Lala’s background and passion for Christ allows her to minister through the performing arts as well.
Nicole Floyd
Nicole FloydVice President
Nicole is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and has dedicated her professional career to helping individuals with special needs and their families since 2008. As Regional Director, Nicole built and developed the Los Angeles branch of the company, expanding services from Orange County to the South Bay of Los Angeles, downtown LA, the Westside, Pomona, and the San Fernando Valley. Nicole is also an active member of the Junior League of Los Angeles, where she focuses her efforts on improving the community through volunteering and networking with like-minded professional women.
Keyanna Robinson
Keyanna RobinsonSecretary
This mother of 3 and Entrepreneur is always giving back in anyway possible. In 2003 Keyanna found her love for event planning and philanthropy. With building a business, working on the PTA board, and getting the kids to school she will always find time to make sure that we get the job done.
Jewel Gould
Jewel GouldV.P. of Media
Jewel is a Wife, mom of three, Health Coach, and our Branding – Media Specialist. She is also the Founder of What about Mommy’s and Organic Jewel. She is passionate about family, wellness, celebrating uniqueness, enjoying life, positive change, love, and contributing her expertise to inClusion Clubhouse.
Eric Johnson
Eric JohnsonTreasurer
Eric Johnson resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a father of two children, Stefan 16 years old and Naomi 8 years old. His daughter Naomi is an enutero stroke survivor and is the inspiration for his involvement with activities that promote special needs awareness and inclusion. He and his wife Stefanie are active in the special needs community through fundraising for various local and national non-profit organizations. Eric has been a volunteer for iNclusion Clubhouse since 2014.
Stefanie Boggs-Johnson
Stefanie Boggs-JohnsonDirector of Program Development for Northern Cali
Stefanie resides in the Bay Area and has two children, Stefan 16 years old and Naomi 8 years old. After her daughter Naomi was born with complications due to pediatric stroke, Stefanie became passionately involved with non-profit organizations to promote special needs education and awareness. She is the author of a children’s book that educates about pediatric stroke and is a mobile cosmetologist that provides in-home beauty services for individuals with special needs.


“inClusion Clubhouse has helped me where I feel welcome with my [Special Needs] son. Zachary enjoys going to prom and play dates!”


“I am so grateful that I have found inClusion Clubhouse. I was very excited my son had the opportunity to be in a prom!”


My name is Evelin. This year we where honored to attend the Family Special needs Prom. Typicaly, we don’t bring our children to these types of events because they have a lot of sensory issues but this event was perfect for them.


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