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InClusion ClubHouse is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization that provides social and recreational activities for those with different special needs and their siblings while offering support to the family as a whole.

InClusion ClubHouse currently hosts play dates, summer camp and a yearly Special Needs Family Prom.  Our Angel Awareness projects help us raise awareness for those with Special Needs by going to local elementary schools,talking to the students, reading, educating and doing fun projects to show how those with special needs are more similar to them than different.

Our beautiful Djanai and Hall Family recently had the amazing opportunity to team up with our friends from Springible and Tommy Hilfiger to talk family, the holidays, and the new #tommyadaptive collection. Click on the link below to read their story.

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To create a space that is truly all inclusive and accessible for children, teens and young adults of all abilities.  InClusion ClubHouse will help create a more inclusive community.



For giving Tuesday this year we will be highlighting one of our amazing families here at Inclusion ClubHouse. We would like you all to #meetthemeadors! Our goal is to help raise money for them to purchase an accessible van so that they can transport their son Zack to and from hospital visits, doctor’s visits and clubhouse activities. Zack has Cerebral Palsy, corticol blindness, scoliosis, a trach (breathing tube) and a g-tube feeding tube. Recently, there was an emergency situation in which Zack’s trach came out and the nurse could not get it back in. Getting him to the hospital was very tricky, transferring from his hospital bed in his room, to the wheelchair, into the SUV was almost a 30 minute process. They had to leave the wheelchair behind because they didn’t have time to break it down and then put it back together. So they rushed him to the hospital pulled up to the ER and had to ask them to bring out a gurney to take him in. Zack was without his trach for almost 45 minutes. Can you imagine the tube that helps you breath not being in for almost 45 minutes? Please help us give Zack and the Meadors a new lease on life. inClusion ClubHouse is more than a place, it is a community. We are families supporting families in whatever way we can so that they can be stronger and provide a better quality of life for their child/ children with special needs. The link in our bio will take you to the different levels of giving opportunities and give you some more insight on their story as well. Help us spread the word and make their dream come true. We appreciate your support. They say Life is What You Make It, but what if the cards that you’ve been dealt make every day living a challenge? Click on the link below to donate/ learn more about their story.

Ways You Can Get Involved…


There are so many ways to get involved! Play dates, Summer camps, Angel Buddies, and more! We would love to have you jump onboard!



Help us raise awareness, make changes in our communities, and allow these amazing differently labeled souls to feel included. Become an InClusion Influencer today!


Learn about the many avenues that you could give to our cause.

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Our goal is to raise a year’s worth of expenses so that we can open and focus on outreach, services and programs to make sure that we are providing our families with everything they need and not on how we will pay the rent.

Please consider joining us, no donation is too small.